Author Mary Alice Parmley.

Author Mary Alice Parmley.

About the Author

Mary Alice Parmley is known and loved as a teacher of children and adults who are children at heart.  Author of Seasons, Thoughtful Reflection in Poetry, she has written poems and children’s stories her entire life.  She began creating heartfelt, inspiring stories in her hometown of Marion, Kansas, which is nestled in the rolling Flint Hills. Through the years she was encouraged to write “just one more story” by her daughter, Mary Ann, as well as her many students. 

During her forty-four-year career as a master teacher, she knew the importance of showing encouragement and respect, giving of herself to others, and lending a hand through friendship.  By example, she conveyed these values to her students. 

As a retired teacher in Topeka, Kansas, she inspires others with her passion for life. She enjoys volunteering, especially as a storyteller, and is active in the community. Parmley believes that a good, caring teacher can have tremendous impact on a child.  Her teaching style and unique knowledge of what children love inspired her to write Traveler

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